State-of-the-art Technology State-of-the-art Technology

State-of-the-art Technology

Advanced Product Center for automotive-grade power semiconductors
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Empowering Smart Life

Provide complete power device solutions for the consumer electronics industry
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Promoting green Industry Development

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About ZMJ

Concentrated on automotive-grade power Semiconductor
Research and development

Shenzhen ZMJ Semiconductors Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise in power semiconductors with independent IPR. ZMJ posesses advanced power device design,packaging and testing processes.Following the trend of new energy automobile's electronic electrification architecture and automotive-grade power semiconductor technical development direction, ZMJ has developed 9 medium-and-low voltage MOSFET plaforms with different packaging forms. The company will continue to create a highly reliable "ZMJ" brand MOSFET products and offer total solutions for customers. At present, ZMJ has supplied 20+ OEM automotive brands. The cumulative shipment has reached the level of hundreds of millions of pieces. The product categories includes 180+ automotive MOSFETs, that makes ZMJ a global Top-level automotive medium and low-voltage automotive MOSFET solution provider, and the national brand with the largest number of MOSFET types and the longest continuous shipment time. ZMJ has nearly 1,000 types of low, medium and high voltage series products in industrial, consumer and PC categories, covering a variety of packages, with the world's first-class level performance. ZMJ has built automotive-grade and industrial-grade application lab and reliability lab in China with CNAS certificated, and will continue to empower various customers' engineering applications and market needs.
  • 28 +Years
    Founding team industry experience
  • 312 +KKPCS
    Accumulated shipment volume of vehicle specification products
  • 180
    Types of automotive grade MOSFET
  • Beijing
  • Chengdu
  • Hefei
  • Japan
  • Shanghai, Hangzhou, Suzhou
  • Shenzhen
  • Wuhan
  • Changchun
  • headquarters
  • R&D laboratory
  • office

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